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The Provost is the Chief Academic and Administrative Officer of NACOE. He is charged with the responsibility of overseeing the general affairs of the college which include among others, the following duties and responsibilities:

1.        Serve as the academic and administrative head of NACOE.

2.        Leading and supervision of day-to-day management operation of the college.

3.        Responsible for the Governing Council for the overall administration of the college.

4.        Provide leadership in defining the mission of the college.

5.        Responsible for developing and maintaining an environment that is conducive for scholarly interaction between the students and the college affiliated faculties.

6.        Convene the college Governing Council in discussions of the academic functions of the college including, but not limited to, discussions of the roles of college in sponsoring courses, imposing graduation requirements and establishing curricula.

7.        Determine how best to meet the educational needs of students.

8.        Determine how any funds that are allocated to the college can be used most effectively.

9.        Develop assessment program that regularly evaluates all academic programmes and curricula associated with a college education.

10.      Lead the college in regularly reviewing and updating colleges by-law and other governance documents to ensure that the by-law and regulations accurately reflect the responsibilities and activities of the college.

11.      Coordinate training activities in the college.

12.      Head the Management Board of the college.

13.      Liaise with NCCE, JAMB and other educational stakeholders.