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The Director, Center for Entrepreneurship Development (D CED) is responsible to the Provost and discharges the following duties and responsibilities:

1.       Responsible for entrepreneurship development of the College through the CED.

2.       Coordinates the activities of NACOE-CED. 

3.       Plans, organizes and co-ordinates entrepreneurial training for NACOE staff and students.

4.       Assesses students' entrepreneurial needs and offers solutions and support.

5.      Liaises with relevant (governmental and non governmental) agencies that could support staff and students' entrepreneurial training.

6.      Plans, organizes and co-ordinates ad-hoc (short term) entrepreneurial training from time to time.

7.      Develops strategies and coordinates new and existing NACOE business such as NACOE bakery and pure water factory with a view to repositioning them as profitable ventures.

8.      Works in synergy with other departments such as Agricultural Science, Chemistry and any other unit within NACOE to conduct relevant training on capacity building and entrepreneurship development.

9.      Identifies potential business opportunities that are of benefit to NACOE surrounding communities as well as explores those that would add value to NACOE-CED innovations from time to time.

10.    Conducts active research and consultancy service with the prospective partners and existing business clients to the benefit of NACOE-CED.

11.    Performs any other tasks as may be assigned by the Provost.