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The College Administrative Officer (CAO) is responsible to the Provost and discharges the following duties and responsibilities:

1.        The CAO is principally tasked with the responsibilities of the College administration.

2.        Saddled with the responsibility of enforcing discipline, welfare and administration including posting of soldiers within the College.

3.       Reports directly to the Provost and works in conjunction with Office of Deputy Provost Administration in carrying out all the administrative duties in the College.

4.       Maintenance of students’ general welfare and general security of the College in liaison with the Brigade, Military Intelligence Regiment and Military Police. The CAO ensures discipline, welfare and deployment of NYSC members.

5.       Carries out assigned military duties as the unit Adjutant and member of College Disciplinary Committee. Also handles all correspondences on behalf of the College.

6.        Dissemination of information for the College meetings, including the College Governing Council.

7.        Advises on matters related to the administration of the College.

8.        Performs any other task as may be assigned from time to time by the Provost.